I told you I was a terrific cook. So why not express this side here on my blog? The men in my house (my significant other and son) love it. And I love cooking for them. A terrific meal is like a great cigar. The preparation should be done well and the experience should be enjoyable. ...Love for great food, great drinks, great cigars is what it's all about. It's about pleasure, fulfillment and truly living.

My creation this evening was these delicious wraps with basmati rice


Crush some roasted peanuts and chopped up green onions.

Brown some ground chicken and tossed it in a wok with my sauce. You can use a teriyaki sauce with some rice vinegar, your favorite cooking wine and seasonings. Sometimes you can find lettuce wrap sauce in an ethnic isle at your favorite grocery store.

After mixing the sauce with my browned ground chicken, I threw in my crushed roasted peanuts and chopped green onions and mixed it all together. I stirred the ingredients frequently over a high heat for about 7 minutes. In the mean time I prepared my lettuce for my wraps.

And voila. I dressed the bottom of the plate with romaine lettuce and I used iceberg lettuce for the wraps. On the side is basmati rice which is a favorite rice of mine. I have a nice glass of Cabernet sauvignon and my favorite chili sauce and a cigar!

Notes: I love to have chili sauce on hand. This particular Asian dish has a hint of sweetness. And the chili sauce offsets the sweetness. It makes a great pair. Even though basmati rice is a long grain rice grown in India, I prefer it over a jasmine rice. There is something wholesomely good about basmati rice. Its aroma and texture is so comforting and compliments well with many dishes. Plus it takes less time to cook. And I think you will enjoy it too. This is a pretty healthy and hearty recipe. I enjoyed every bit of it. Now I am topping it off with a nice cigar. Cheers!