I am unique, savvy, eclectic and artsy... a cigar enthusiast, an art and antique collector of cigar and spirit luxury and a chatter box pertaining to all sorts of cigar relevant topics. Join me in my eccentricity!


Back in 2006, I started Maduro Woman, as the well known Chicago black urban model transitioning from being solely behind the camera, to taking a big leap inside the cigar world. Maduro Woman became a popular brand, especially for the up and coming cigar company. We promoted and marketed various cigar brands and their lines. Maduro Woman became a driving force for cigar parties combined with entertainment. Women who had never dreamed of smoking cigars, attempted it for the first time, existing tobacco smokers experienced the refinement behind smoking premium cigars and the hip hop world enjoyed partying with a great cigar in their hand.This was what Maduro Woman brought to both the cigar and entertainment industries.

When the cigar laws changed, the Maduro Woman agenda had to change, making it difficult but not impossible to create these promotional cigar events.

But today, I have a new agenda for Maduro Woman. I have been actively promoting my work as a political columnist. And I am an avid antique and art collector. Part of my work as a columnist, consist of research and breaking down current political issues, observing them and forming new models and solutions.

My goals here at Maduro Woman is to utilize that expertise and creativity, while providing something fresh and new to the fabulous world of cigars. I want to show you the next step within cigar enjoyment. It is far more than just a great cutter or lighter. It is about refinement, pleasure and sheer culture. Join me on this fabulous journey of cigars and culture!

What's happening here at Maduro Woman Daily...

I have a large eclectic ashtray collection and other tobacco related accessories. So I am currently sharing this collection with you. I hope you enjoy what I am pulling out of my woman-cave.
I collect a great deal of exquisite bar accessories, from decanters to drinking glasses. A great bar collection comes in handy.
Things that go great with cigars... music, food, drinks, you name it! I like to dream up new recipes especially on those days when I feel like taking a trip to somewhere hot. Sometimes I have to do it inside my home. Some plantains with a bit of cayenne pepper, my homemade exotic mojito with a cigar, pairs great when you are in need of an escape. I have great recipes for you.
Plus a whole lot more!
Oh I am planning a trip in 2022 to my good friend's tobacco farm in the Dominican Republic.
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